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Birth Doula Support: $750

Before Your Birthing Time​

  • We will meet 2 times for about 1-3 hours each to:

    • Discuss your options and preferences around support during your birth and post-birth time​

    • Process fears as they emerge

    • Practice comfort techniques and positioning

    • Review educational and informational resources for pregnancy and postpartum

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Paula is on-call for your birth between 38 and 42 weeks​

During Your Birth

  • Paula is available by phone/text until you are ready for her physical presence

  • She can offer unlimited emotional and physical support via non-pharmacological comfort measures and relaxation tools; and facilitate communication between you and your care team if and when needed

  • Immediately postpartum, Paula will be by your side to hold space for you and your little one to transition together and initiate feeding and bonding for about 2 hours.

  • Photograph moments with your camera or phone if desired

After the Birth

  • 1 postpartum check-in via text or phone call within 24 hours of birth

  • We will find a time for a postpartum visit within 3 weeks of birth to:

    • Provide emotional & breastfeeding support​

    • Discuss newborn care & soothing techniques

    • Debrief labor/birth experience

  • Call/text/email support throughout entire time

**It is my sincere wish that every person who wants a doula has one. If cost is a barrier to doula support, please reach out. I am able to accommodate payment plans and can support a few families each year on a sliding fee scale. 

** If you are a repeat client, please reach out! I offer a sliding scale option for families who I have supported previously.

Are you ready for a free consultation? 

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